"The BRICS Bank is a glimpse of the future" (Financial Times)

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have signed an agreement for the establishment of a new 'BRICS Bank'.


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Investing in Today’s Market

Potential investors who visited our stand at the Property Investor Show were primarily looking for good investments to provide security, returns and a spread of investments. Financially we are living in exceptional times as investors. We need to be alert where, as a result of these changes, solid profits will be made both now and in the future and to share in those opportunities. Residential land and development projects in Brazil are such an opportunity.

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Brazil and why it is a good market to invest in now

Brazil has grown economically ever stronger over the last 30 years, initially improving corporate law and controls, revising governance in the public and private sectors and more recently,  in the 1980s and 1990s, following a social and economic policy to provide a strong, democratic marketplace.

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Investments Available Now

4:Brazil is giving investors the opportunity to joint venture with us in investing in residential property projects in Brazil, both as part of the wider Government programme for new buyers and in providing homes for middle class buyers who are ‘up-trading’ from their first or family home. We are currently accepting funds for four types of investment: investors can opt for sharing developers' profits, a fixed interest return, rental returns or property ownership giving capital gain.

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“Previously, one bet on Australia as the country of the future; however, Brazil has all the conditions needed for growth and to become an even stronger power.” Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sachs

"2012 will be the year of investment in Brazil", Guido Mantega, Brazil Finance Minister

Facts & Figures

Brazil is the world's no. 2 soybean producer and exporter.

Brazil has a population of approximately 190 million.

Residential land and development opportunities in Brazil