Brazilian President visits US

This week Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has been on a visit to the US. This comes two years after she cancelled a state visit to Washington following revelations of US spying on her office.

At the beginning of the week she visited New York City and Washington D.C., holding official talks with President Obama on Tuesday. At a joint White House news conference, President Obama described the relationship the US has with Brazil as a “cornerstone” of America’s relations with Latin America and President Rousseff said the relationship was on an upward trajectory, describing the talks as fruitful. President Obama took her on a visit to the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in Washington and hosted a grand state dinner at the White House.

On Wednesday she made a visit to Silicon Valley where she met top technology executives, including Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, and she had a ride in Google Inc’s self-driving car.  During her visit, Google announced it would inaugurate a new engineering space in Belo Horizonte in November that will more than double the number of engineers working in Brazil on some of the company’s core products. She also attended a lunch with top Silicon Valley executives from Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Cisco and PayPal.  Brazil is the second-largest market by users, after the US, for Google, Apple and Facebook.

2nd July 2015

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