Why is Brazil a good market to invest in?

The underlying trends in the world economy are what drive reliable returns from investments and strong economies make for strong property markets.  Brazil has grown ever stronger over the last 30 years, initially improving corporate law and controls, revised governance in the public and private sectors and more recently, in the 1980s and 1990s, social and economic policy, to provide a strong democratic marketplace. The outlook for the future looks impressive and offers robust investment opportunities.

An historic moment is upon us - The Brazilian economy has overtaken the UK in size and this has created very attractive opportunities for UK businesses and for UK investors.

  • The UK and European economies are in serious difficulties.
  • The UK and European property markets are in poor shape and the outlook is very uncertain.
  • The Brazilian economy has shown consistent growth for 11 years and looks set to continue.
  • The Brazilian residential property market is strong and  is looking forward to continued good performance with the Government providing financial support to the tune of US$40bn - to provide good homes for local Brazilians.
  • Mortgages only became available to middle market buyers in 2007.
  • 97% of Brazilian house owners do not have a mortgage.


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“During its first decade as a BRIC, Brazil underwent difficulties during the first five years and emerged just fine, and now is doing very well economically speaking.” Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sachs

“The country (Brazil) has established itself as a leading actor on the global economic stage.” Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director

Facts & Figures

Brazil is the world's largest producer of orange juice.

Brazil is the world's no. 2 soybean producer and exporter.

Brazil is inviting investment to build new homes. Call us now