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ISSUE 2 - October 2011

Welcome to the 2nd issue of 4:Property's exclusive Brazil Newletter.

The world has been turned upside down, at least economically. Countries that were considered economically strong and safe havens of investment, the developed nations, are no longer so. Countries in the Eurozone, America and even Japan are all going through an economic upheaval not seen in the last 30 years. As a result,  the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are now at the forefront of economic growth and development.

According to an article in the Financial Times on September 13th 2011, the BRIC nations are in discussions for a potential joint agreement to help the crisis-hit Eurozone.

Brazil, China and India cumulatively have over $4,000 billion in reserves and “any joint effort to support the Eurozone would mark a symbolic shift in the momentum of the global economy towards the largest emerging markets”(FT, Sept 13, 2011).

Brazil – In league with the game-changers
The Brazil-China relationship is slowly but surely emerging as a vital element in the booming Brazilian economy and, according to many, Brazil’s economic transformation would not have been possible without the colossal rise of China.  However, Brazil is trading with all the world’s major players, so is not over dependant on China, but playing its hand wisely. 
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The Brazilian Economy – From Strength to Strength
One of the reasons that China is able to flood the Brazilian market with cheap imports is because the Brazilian Real has been at a 12-year high against the Dollar, hitting Brazilian exports.
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4:Property’s views - Our Biggest Advantage: Brazil's Inflation!
This is a challenge for Brazil, but a god-given gift to outside investors, such as ourselves.  Inflation guarantees an upward curve in real estate prices and contains the growth of the REAL, driven demand for currency to pay for increasing raw material exports. 
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Latest 4:Property News
Progress continues on the three current investment projects in Aracaju, one apartment development near the expanding airport which is doubling in capacity, and two suburban developments, one of apartments and one mixed villas and apartments.  Some of our  team have just returned from a site visit accompanied by experienced UK investors, who were very impressed with the opportunities and the operation, and are now investing with us.

We have also decided that the time is right to join AIPP (the Association of International Property Professionals) which is a trade body dedicated to improving the quality of operators in overseas property.  It assesses applicants and provides a ‘quality kite mark’ to responsible operators in the market.

Given the turmoil of the developed economies, now is the right time to invest in  Brazil.  Whether investors wish to opt for a profit sharing investment, a fixed 20% return per year on their investment or a direct joint venture with us, we are happy to discuss those options with you to see what is most appropriate.

And Finally... 
The Eurozone debt crisis has spiralled beyond control. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects the global economy to continue to grow, but warns that there are a number of risks that could send the United States and Europe back into recession. “The advanced countries in particular are facing an anaemic and bumpy recovery, with unacceptably high unemployment,” said IMF managing director Christine Lagarde in a speech last week in which she urged global leaders to take “collective, bold action” to prevent their economies from stalling.

We really have a very clear choice to make now.  In all the developed nations the value of your money is being eroded daily.  So where are you going to invest your hard-earned wealth, in the old world, or the new? There is no option now but to open our minds to the possibility that our money will be safer if we take it outside these failing economies.  We now have to put our faith in the “new economies” of Brazil, India, China and South Africa. This is where there is strong, sustained growth, this is where there is hope and dynamic activity, and these are the economic powers of the future. To hold on to the belief that it is only in the established nations that our investments are safe would be at best naive and at worst uninformed or unwise.  We need to recognise the changes that are underway and move forward.  To be more secure and earn good returns, we need to move with the times and act to take advantage of the best available opportunities for creating our future wealth.

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Meet with us to explore property development and investment opportunities in Brazil.

4:Property is exhibiting at The Property Investor Show and OPP Live

:  Thurs 13th – Sat 15th October 2011
Time:   Thurs & Fri 10am-6pm 
Sat. 10.30am-5pm
Venue: ExCel, London
Stand: 340

Seminars by our Managing Director Chris Howard:

Thursday 13th October: 1.30pm–2pm in Room 4
“Capital Gain, Property Investment or a continuing Income? Brazil is your target”

Saturday 15th October: 2.45pm–3.15pm in Theatre 1
“Invest in economic growth while Europe stutters - Brazil"

Panel discussion:

Friday 14th October:
3.15pm–4.15pm in Room 3

“Bridge to Brazil”

Under the chairmanship of Chris Howard (4:Property), a hand-picked panel of speakers will provide a full briefing on current business developments in Brazil, discuss some of the main oppprtunities, and the pros and cons of different investment approaches.   

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"Brazil - there's a ton of demand for a ton of new space. You can build housing forever, and people will want it."

Emerging trends in Real Estate 2011

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