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Our four types of investment offer different forms of return. Each one benefits in different ways from the active Brazilian residential property market, giving investors the opportunity to create their own portfolio of returns, by choosing one or several of these investments.

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Investment in a portfolio of projects


Investment in a portfolio of projects, to give capital gain over 3 years. 4:Brazil in conjunction with Hypa Management (authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority) acts as the developer, working with a local constructor company. This investment is available to High Net Worth Investors only. The investors own the development company and share in the developers’ profits on the full portfolio of developments.  The more profitable the portfolio, the larger the returns.

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Joint Venture


The opportunity to joint venture with us directly in your own project, with capital gains after a 2-3 year period, depending upon the project. This approach can be expected to generate higher returns than 20% per year and these depend upon the individual project.  If this is of interest to you, please contact us to discuss the arrangement that would suit you best.

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Property purchase


Property purchase gives rental income and capital returns over 3-5 years. This is a shared investment within which 4:Brazil sells completed properties to UK investors.  Arrangements are available for local management of the property over the agreed period and sale on completion of the investment period. Currently in Aracaju, property appreciation is between 10%  and 15% per year. This can be a straight sale for management or undertaken as a joint venture with 4:Property Brazil.  It is the investor's choice.

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Land and development investment opportunities to suit every investor