The Next Sites

Our partners are also involved in several other developments on their own account, and we have a management interest in some of these sites.

  • Horto San Antonio - Completed, 240 apartments.
  • Lagarto - Phases 1 & 2: 160 houses, completed. Phase 3: 330 apartments, in process.
  • SMART building - 50 apartments, under construction..
  • Le Monde - 48 apartments, on sale.

Our partners have now constructed over 1,000 units in the state and are developing a growing, thriving business with us, and growing their own portfolio.

Horto San Antonio    Horto San Antonio


Le Monde   Le Monde


The Next Sites

We are currently exploring sites at Nicanor, on which we have a purchase option, and in a rapidly growing suburb of the city, in which there will be US$6bn of investment inn the 2015-2018 period. This will create many more jobs and therefore demand for  housing.

Our local reputation is growing and we have two further reputable local developers who are keen to work with us. Our Joint venture partners approve of this extension of our partner base and we will be actively seeking new funding during the rest of 2015 and 2016 to grow our portfolio.

We are now looking for funds to support the development of the further sites we control and to purchase further sites thereafter, in order to maintain our pipeline.


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