Who we are

We give investors the opportunity to joint-venture with us in short-term residential development projects in Brazil.

Working with our business partners we are developing homes for local residents in a very profitable market and we can share those profits with investors.

We have chosen a market with sustained strong demand based upon local growth and development.

Investing with us, our investor partners can share directly in the substantial financial returns without the need to buy properties abroad that they have to manage themselves.

We are growing a network of experienced investors with whom we are joint venturing in Brazil.

Our mature team offers the reassurance of professional project management. We have created this opportunity to reward all parties and to offer increased returns if the project goes well, avoiding the need to spend time owning, managing and selling property in Brazil, whilst benefiting from that strong market and our local partners’ market knowledge and expertise.

The venture is led by a very experienced Anglo-Brazilian team, with a long track record of commercial and operational success in delivering projects in this marketplace.


Read our Press Release, 25.11.2011

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