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4:Brazil’s aim and business partners
4:You Property Partners PLC (4:You), a public company formed in 2004-5, was created to provide a vehicle for investment by UK investors into a portfolio of properties.

In 2008-9, 4:You reviewed the BRIC economies (of Brazil, Russia, India and China) and decided to initiate an investment opportunity in Brazil.

We opted for Brazil as the most likely strong market in the future. Brazil was, and remains, the country with the most robust economic performance and most solid looking future, being powered by the natural resources of the country and its ample supply of energy, food, water and a young population.

The investment was formulated as a joint venture with an FSA Authorised Partner, to be a portfolio investment in residential housing in Brazil. The company, 4:Property Hypa Investment Ltd, is investing to construct houses for the rapidly growing middle class in Brazil, as part of the Government programme to stimulate new housing for the newly wealthy Brazilian population.

4:You is a partner in this venture and the company will share in any profits generated from the activity there. 4:You has since restructured to be a limited company, still 100% owned by the founder shareholders, as this is a more suitable vehicle for the current operations.

4:Brazil is a wider initiative which 4:You is growing from that base, in order to increase the range of opportunities that UK investors have to invest in this flourishing economy. In each of these initiatives 4:You is a founding joint venture partner and will share in the profits generated.

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E: invest@4property.uk.com

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