Business Partners

4:Brazil is working with a number of business partners to develop the Brazil business further and to create continuing investment opportunities for our investors.

HYPA Management LLP

Hypa Management LLP is an FSA authorised investment adviser and distributor established in 2006 by its founding partners Naz Craft and Simon Welsh. The partners have a combined financial experience of over 25 years working with top global financial institutions with a particular emphasis in the Alternative Investments Market.

The vision of both partners is to provide High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors with unique investment opportunities in non-traditional investments that have the potential to provide above average capital growth and/or yield, while preserving the investor's original capital.

Nabas Legal

Nabas Legal International Lawyers is a law practice, dual qualified in the UK and Brazil, which is recognised for its in-depth knowledge and experience in advising both individual and corporate clients with interests in Brazil.  We have extensive experience of the whole range of legal matters including personal, commercial, trading and investment and long standing relationships with clients, supporting them in establishing and then growing their interests in South America.

We are pleased to be working with 4:Property and provide an independent perspective on all transactions and dealings in Brazil. 

Private Investment Fund

4:Property is also working with a private fund, comprising a group of experienced investors who, after researching the Brazilian market and assessing the opportunities open to 4:Property, elected to make joint investments with 4:Property in the Brazilian market.  Together we assess new property development opportunities, undertake commercial appraisals and jointly invest in the prioritised projects.  The combination of experience, business knowledge and contacts shared between the two organisations gives both a strengthened portfolio and economies of scale, allowing greater returns for their respective investors.

Business in Brazil

Business in Brazil (BIB) specialises in assisting UK and Brazilian companies to trade effectively by providing linguistic, cultural and commercial support.  With extensive knowledge of both Brazil and the UK and a unique understanding of the culture and language differences, BIB supports companies to grow their business in Brazil.  BIB is working with 4:Property Brazil to extend their reach in Brazil, outside Aracaju, and actively working within their existing contact network to extend the business and develop new business partnerships.

Smith and Williamson

S&W are one of the leading independent providers in the UK of investment management, accountancy, tax, corporate and financial advisory services and have corporate partners in Brazil with whom we are developing progressively stronger relations. S&W have partners in over 100 countries and provide advice to private clients, corporates and are growing their Brazil network.

T: +44 (0)800 1601 004


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